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COVID-19 Resources for Children

During this time of extra caution, we are providing  free online access

to various parts of our ministry to families.
 One of our favorites is Good News TV. 

Each episode is approximately 30 minutes and will point
​children to Jesus as our source of hope.

You can find it by subscribing to the U-Nite YouTube Channel.

 Be sure to check it out!

The Story of Jesus for Children film, in more than 150 languages.

Kids Draw the Bible

Kids Draw the Bible

These 30 devotionals will help young children, ages 6-8, understand the BIG picture of the Bible.
Each kid-friendly devotional includes:

  • Prayer starters to help them talk to God

  • Bible verses to help them apply what they’ve read

  • Questions to help them talk about what they’ve learned

Are your kids ready to get the BIG picture of God’s Word? Sign up to receive your FREE Kids Draw the Bible PDF for early readers.

Wonder-Fun Bible Activity Book​

Looking for a fun children’s activity?
Check out the Wonder-Fun activity book!
Geared for children of all ages, this activity book is filled with coloring pages, puzzles, activities, mazes, word scrambles, drawing activities, and much more!

Wonder-Fun is an action-packed Bible activity book that shares the Good News of Jesus Christ and keys in Christian growth.
The different activities help children to understand ​the truths of God’s Word.
Your children will have a blast with Wonder-Fun

home school resources

Homeschool Resources

Enhance your child’s education with these

FREE lessons to help them learn more about God.
 A new lesson will be sent by email every 2 days.
​There is a pdf answer key for you to download as well.

greatest doctor

The coronavirus is a huge problem, but this brochure reveals our even bigger problem! Find God’s solution through

His Son, Jesus Christ.
Get answers for yourself, your child, ​and others in your life as you read​and share this thought-provoking message.​


Greatest Doctor

Do You Wonder Why?

This 8 minute video and booklet begins to answer questions that are on everyone’s minds: Why do so many bad things happen in the world? Why did God allow this to happen? How can I get through this terrible time? 


A unique outreach and discipleship ministry, that allows children to call over the phone and listen to a short Bible story 

Call 1-888-878-8660
or listen online

Mail Box Club


The Mailbox Club is a Bible correspondence club. Bible lessons are sent to the student through the mail. The student reads the lesson, fills out the question page and mails it back. The question page is graded and returned with the next lesson.

Stuck at Home Devotional

This set of 30 Stuck at Home Devotionals is designed to help kids deal with challenges they may be facing during this difficult time around the world. Each devotional has been carefully selected from our Wonder Devotional Series to help children recognize that God is still in control, and to give them practical help in relying on Him to help them through.

These devotionals will come to your email. You can print them for your child to read and think about, let them read it from your device, or forward it to their device. Reading and discussing each devotional along with your child would further enhance the value and may give you a springboard for further helpful conversation.

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