2021 CYIA Application

BEFORE COMPLETING THIS APPLICATION, please download and complete the following forms. You will need to mail them to your local CEF Director or the State office. 

Medical Release Form

Workers Compliance


Please read the CEF Statement of Faith and Sign the Workers Compliance Agreement

(You can digitally sign in Adobe reader. Please ask if you need help)

Important: All those aged 18+ who serve with CEF need to complete and confidential screening form every 5 years. Please go to the following link to complete the form. 

It times out after 30 minutes. Be sure to watch the

Child Protection Video.


CYIA Dress Code:


We recognize our freedom in Christ and do not wish to be legalistic in this area.   As believers in Christ, we want to honor God in all things, especially in how we dress and represent Christ to others.





Hair and beards are to be well groomed.


Classroom:  Slacks, jeans, long shorts, shirts, and T-shirts without holes, and footwear at all times.  Long shorts are acceptable for classroom wear or when teaching clubs.


Outside of Classroom Casual Attire:   Shorts or cut-offs must be of modest or long length. No tank tops or sleeveless shirts. All casual apparel designed for play are appropriate only during recreation.


Sunday Morning:  You don't need to dress up with coat and tie, but think "neat and clean."




Classroom:  Skirts, pants, jeans, long shorts or capris are appropriate. Footwear is required at all times.  Length of skirts and shorts as well as style should be modest in such a way that it does not draw unnecessary attention to yourself.  No short shorts, exposed midriffs, tank tops or spaghetti strap tops. 


Outside of Classroom Casual Attire:  Shorts (not short shorts) and t-shirts are  appropriate for recreation activities. No Tanks tops. No midriffs to be exposed. No spaghetti-strap tops. 


Sunday Morning:  You don't need to dress up, but you want to look neat and clean.  You can wear your CYIA shirt, if you like. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Jennifer Dunn, Red River Chapter in Wichita Falls, 940-704-0398 or Steven Marsh, 234-949-9094

  • Vicki Johnston, RIo Grande Chapter in El Paso, 626-506-9977

  • Bunny Baldwin, Panhandle Chapter in Amarillo, 806-570-7972

  • Jeanna Malone, Midland Basin Chapter in Midland, 432-556-6388

  • Janet Johnson, CEF of West Texas (State Office), 940-783-0899

                                      (for Abilene, San Angelo, and Lubbock applications)