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Stand in Awe of God: He is our Hope

Having hope provides a sense of comfort about the future. When I hope in something or someone, I believe it will happen or someone will keep a promise. You and I can hope in the LORD.

Soon after Adam & Eve sinned, God promised He would send a Savior. The Jewish people clung to this hope; and when the fullness of time had come, the Savior was born! When Jesus bore the sins of whole world on the cross, He completed His assignment ... then through His mighty power, He overcame death! One Day, He will return to Earth and will rule and reign over His kingdom.

Why do people live without hope? It is because they do not believe that the Son of God took their sin and rose again. Those who do not believe in Jesus, are in darkness. They need the light of the gospel. They need to believe in the only One who can save them and give them the hope they long for.

Dear Father, please help people see their need for You and to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior. Thank You for being our Hope in this dark world. May we be salt and light to those who feel hopeless. Draw them to faith in Christ and fill them with Your Spirit.

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