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Stand in Awe of God: He is Omnipotent

There are reminders all around us of God's mighty power, yet we take them for granted or go through our days blindfolded spiritually. Seeing the sun rise or set reminds me of God's power ... or watching a flock of geese fly in formation... or enjoying a rainstorm. We could speak for hours of God's amazing creative power!

So, with these reminders all around me, why do I worry about anything? Why do I become stressed about the crazy things going on in our world -- all the corruption and problems that exist?

The Lord tells me in His Word to not worry. He has everything under control. Ahhh... He has a plan. The craziness in this world does not catch Him by surprise. He is using it all to bring about His purposes. One day Jesus will come back for His Church, His Bride. One day He will rule and reign on the Earth. I look forward to that day!

In the meantime, I will praise Him for His power, righteousness, truth, mercy, grace, and love. And I will tell others the good news of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ -- the most wonderful testimony of His power!

He counts the number of the stars;

He calls them all by name.

Great is our Lord, and mighty in power;

His understanding is infinite.

The Lord lifts up the humble;

He casts the wicked down to the ground.

Psalm 147:4-6

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