For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many. Mark 10:45 (KJV)

We thank God for the volunteer leaders He has provided to guide our ministry by serving on the state board or on a local chapter committee.  Each one has a heart for taking the Gospel to boys & girls, and they all bring various gifts and talents to CEF of West Texas.  If you would like to know about board or committee service, please contact our office. 940-687-7788

State Board Members

Debra Tow - Chairwoman  

Dan Helbing - Vice Chair

Diane Dockery - Treasurer

Doug Moore - Secretary 

Connie Barnhart - Member

Israel Rosario - Member

Panhandle Chapter Committee

Reagan Williams - Chairman

Don Speedy - Vice Chair

Courtney Kennedy - Treasurer

Lisa Thomas - Secretary

Candace Martin

Benita Medlock

Red River Chapter Committee

Larry Shields - Chairman

Sammye Waldrip - Vice Chair

Linda Rose - Treasurer

Sara Martinez - Secretary

Janette Hoover - Member

Melissa Ward - Member

James Chilcott - Member

Rio Grande Chapter Committee

Edgardo Martinez - Chairman

Bonnie Cera - Vice Chair

Israel Rosario - Secretary

Terry Gray - Treasurer

Sandra Hansen - Member

South Plains Chapter Committee

Suzan Fannin- Chairwoman

Calvin Gray - Vice Chair

Jim Harman- Secretary

Hallie Fish - Treasurer

Ernest Fish - Member

Pat Scott - Member

Kelly & Nancy Baggett - Members

Peggy Harman - Member

Midland Basin Chapter Committee 

Rhonda Smith - Chairwoman

Donna Newsom - Vice Chair

Patty Schmidt - Sec-Treasurer

Laura Cralle - Member

Deborah Morris - Prayer Coord.

Francisco & Maria Pavon

Billy Ashley

Permian Basin Chapter Committee

Tim O'Neal- Chairman

Omar Arreola - Vice Chair

Joann Arreola - Member

Patty Williamson- Secretary

Carmen Wilhite - Treasurer

Daniel Perez - Member

 Clint Kuhlmann - Member