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Training is crucial to our ministry to children.  We do training year-round, whether it is preparing a new Good News Club team, summer ministry training for teens (CYIA), or training children's ministry teachers in churches.  Training helps our volunteers feel more confident and is a huge benefit to the children! 


Our goal:  to train all volunteers to clearly present the message of salvation to children.  

Training for Good News Club®
When a church adopts a school for an after-school Good News Club®, it forms a team of people who will serve together providing a dynamic weekly Bible club for children in that school.  The team includes a coordinator, administrator or secretary, teachers, and grade shepherds.


Once the team is in place, CEF® provides 8 hours of training, and then helps the club get started. Good News Club® Workshops are also offered for all GNC volunteers to introduce a new lesson series.


People from the partnering church, who cannot commit to being at club each week, are asked to provide prayer support and help with the purchase of snacks.


This is a wonderful outreach for a church!  Great way to reach children and connect with families!

Training for Adults & Teens
Teaching Children Effectively™ - Level 1


TCE™ -1 provides a practical learning experience designed to equip students with basic skills and effective methods to evangelize children and immediately begin a neighborhood or public school outreach ministry.


Emphasis is placed on organizing and conducting meaningful classroom activities which can enrich children spiritually. In addition to regular course work, students are required to participate in teaching five children's classes applying the methods learned in the course. 


  For course information, call the West Texas office at 940-687-7788.

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